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Learning Objectives



Ego resistance

Transformative learning


Integral Mindset


Perspective taking

Polarizing positions

Integrating polarities


Ethnocentric Dynamics


Us-Them dynamics

Unity Through Diversity


Emotional Intelligence


Intimacy with emotions

Emotional intensity


Power Dynamics


Personal Power

Rank in Group Dynamics


Fear & Unconscious Bias


Marginalized view points

Working with ignorance






Embodied Presence

Meditative Awareness



What You Will Practice

  • Generating psychological safety

  • Listening and responding spontaneously 

  • Relating to challenging emotions

  • Integrating multiple perspectives 

  • Working with power dynamics

  • Creative interpersonal risk taking 

  • Working with fear and unconscious bias

  • Maintaining stable mindful awareness

  • Perceiving and responding to subtle dimensions of group process

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How Freedom and Fairness is Delivered

Our Freedom and Fairness workshop brings a unique approach to personal and group development by combining four domains of knowledge and practice:


  • Integral Practice

  • Adult Developmental Psychology

  • Advanced Communication Skills 

  • Meditation

This training is action learning based - meaning you learn by doing in a feedback rich environment. As such, the training is highly experiential and engages the group in dialogue and exercises intended to awaken understanding and capabilities of working with power dynamics, “us versus them” dynamics, emotional and relational dimensions, fear and unconscious biases, and techniques to support individual and group transformation.

This experience weaves in live demonstrations and unique “pointing out” instructions, making the subtle group dynamics more visible to everyone. Like a sports team reviewing the last play on the sidelines, you will have the opportunity to freeze frame and zoom in and out of the group dynamics. 

Lastly, because this is a training environment you will have meaningful opportunities to practice facilitating the group (or a subset of the group) through different conversations and dynamics with the opportunity for real-time coaching and feedback from your lead trainer, coaches, and peers.

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Nita Baum

Nita Baum’s head, heart and hands are focused on elevating the wellbeing, sustainability, and freedom of people and our planet. Drawing on 20+ years as a leadership coach, entrepreneur, teacher and consultant, she founded b*free to re-envision and re-create the Workplace as HealingSpace where freedom, sustainability and wellbeing happen at work, not in spite of it. b*free’s holistic approach mind-body-spirit@workintegrates personal development, embodied wellness and work. Nita and her team of co-creators draw on the latest insights from neuroscience, org behavior and culture transformation to provide individual and group dynamics coaching, facilitate retreats, design and deliver transformative learning experiences and advise founders, leaders and teams on developing equitable, inclusive, human-centered cultures rooted in abundant mindsets. Founding Board Chair of Solar Responders, a climate change disaster resiliency non-profit that places solar + battery storage on first responder stations in Puerto Rico, Nita’s an avid yogi from New York, and holds a BA from Columbia University and MBA from GW Business School.

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Alana Felt

Alana Felt's passion lies in working with individuals and teams to transform their inner practice and interpersonal skills, and to refine their capacity for greater impact and collaboration. As a coach, facilitator and consultant, she designs and facilitates processes for executive teams, educators, and innovators in the public and private sectors. Her WholeHuman coaching approach dynamically guides clients towards becoming wholehearted, connected, and authentic with a focus on presence, embodiment, clarity, integrity and leadership capacity. Her expertise in transformative and experiential learning rests on over a decade of experience guiding in outdoor recreation and wilderness experiences for youth in therapeutic, non-profit and educational settings. She is a Certified Integral Facilitator and an Integral Facilitator Authorized Trainer, a Senior Consultant with Ten Directions, a Certified Associate Integral Coach through Integral Coaching Canada, a Wilderness First Responder, and a meditation practitioner in the Soto Zen Tradition. She brings clear insight, deep care, and grounded presence to her work. She lives in the mountains of Salt Lake City, Utah.


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