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The complexity of each of us defies the simple categories and logic of identity politics, which many DEI trainings assume to be true and reinforce. FF Training could be called a DEI training. But the fact is, FF training is a skills based approach to developing advanced interpersonal skills for leadership teams, managers, HR and L&D practitioners based on the real complexity and nuance of oneself and others. FF training is based on the theory and research of adult developmental psychology, social and emotional learning, integral theory, and mindfulness.






Why Freedom and Fairness


Ethnocentrism, us-versus-them dynamics, is one of the deadliest forces on the planet.


Where humanity is fractured and our relational bonds atrophied is where ethnocentrism has taken root in the form of:

  • Group think

  • Polarization 

  • Over-policing of speech 

  • Over-adherence to identity politics

  • Unproductive and damaging conflict

  • Subtle to gross dehumanization

  • Violence

Us-and-Them distinctions are not bad. Our differences are a source of beauty, culture, and different ways of being and knowing. Further, solidarity within a group creates a safe space to be, and an empowered sovereignty from which to advocate, envision and manifest a just, equitable and humanity affirming society. 


However, Us-and-Them dynamics are powerful and if not facilitated can overtake individuals and groups, leading to the atrophying and fracturing of our humanity and, therefore, keeping us from realizing our ability to radically collaborate across our diversity in service of a more free and fair world.


Facilitating a Greater Humanity at Work

Organizations are becoming spaces of cultural innovation where justice, equity, belonging and a deeper sense of human potential are being prioritized.


Processes and policies that protect and promote justice, equity, belonging and human potential are critical guardrails, but not sufficient in and of themselves.


It must be complemented with deep behavioral and mindset changes that only happen through rigorous personal and interpersonal work. Few leaders, HR and L&D specialists, facilitators and consultants in this space have the capacity to guide their teams, groups and orgs through this aspect of the work.


To become adept at this requires us to face our own ethnocentric biases, fear, and cynicism that arise when we engage historical, intense and complex intergroup dynamics. And, it requires us to discover a care, forgiveness, and compassion that informs our vision of who we can be together.


This training lays the groundwork for leaders, HR and L&D specialists, facilitators and consultants to develop a depth of courage, interpersonal sophistication, emotional stamina, and vision of who we can become that allows us to step into the fire of intergroup dynamics and transform them.

Who is Freedom and Fairness for?


  • Leadership and manager teams building bridges across different identity groups

  • Consultants and facilitators in the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Space

  • Peace-builders, facilitators, and mediators


  • Have a deep commitment to being for one another no matter race, gender, creed or any other difference

  • Have a learner-mindset: Openness, Humility, Hunger for learning

  • Want to learn to work with conflict and intensity productively in service of individual and group transformation

  • Want to be in a training context where they are challenged in a supportive environment to find new ways of being, behaving, and serving groups

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"I would recommend Freedom and Fairness to people because the training truly delivers on its promise of altering your perspective. The possibility of reaching across the barrier that divides us had not been possible in my lifetime before this training."

Ahmad Wright, Assistant Dean of Career Education, Stanford University

"Our journey towards racial justice is an 'everything and' kind of path. It requires political education and jostling conversation and direct action. Yet, to create the types of humans that can create and LIVE in a more just and equal world, we must transform our inner worlds. The Freedom and Fairness training is one of the few spaces where this type of transformation occurs."

Lindley Mease, CLIMA Fund Director, Thousand Currents

“This workshop was the most powerful D&I experience I have ever had. Gabe and his team did a terrific job holding and cultivating an unpredictable space and created the conditions for a truly remarkable outcome. It deeply touched my heart and expanded my perspectives. I highly recommend this workshop for those who authentically care about diversity and want to dive deep into the conversations that matter most.”

Adam Leonard, Executive Development, Google

"The Freedom & Fairness training was unlike any training around race and equality I've ever had... Freedom & Fairness had the power to encourage everyone in the room to be an agent of new resolutions, while being courageous enough to help the room get real about deep-seated beliefs, in the spirit of mutual support."

Roshanda Cummings, Community Catalyst, Impact Hub Oakland

"This training compassionately and firmly invited facilitators to show up in different and novel ways, go within themselves, acknowledge blinders, and to work in ways that are attuned to new internal and social insights.

Matthew Abrams, Consultant & Founder, Mycelium

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